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Welcome to the {short description of image} Gallery of Champions

Sasha, Navio's Fountainhead. Click for Memoriam. Tipper, a girl for all seasons.. Click for Pedigree. Melinda, a witch in name only. Click for Pedigree.
Navio's Foundation Bitch
CH "Sasha"
OPTIGEN Certified
CH Navio's Tidal Wave of Amigo
OPTIGEN Certified
CH Navio's Sea Witch
OPTIGEN Certified A1
Resides at Amigo Portuguese Water Dogs  
Ava, a Navio-Baycliff rising star.  Click for pedigree. Sofie, a parti April Fool.  Click  for pedigree.  Gidget, A fireball of love.  Click for Memoriam.
AKC CH Navio's Beach Party Girl
> "Ava"
OPTIGEN Certified A1
AKC/CKC CH Navio-Baycliff's Wave Runner
Both Parents OPTIGEN Certified A/A1
Current Specialty Dog
 AKC CH Navio's Surfer Girl by Amigo
OPTIGEN Certified A1
Resides with loving family Resides with loving family  
DeeDee, poetry in motion.  Click for pedigree. Mariah, A love bucket.  Click  for Pedigree.
AKC CH Navio's Beach Blanket Bingo
> "DeeDee"
OPTIGEN Certified B1
(AKC 9th Ranked National PWD 2003)
AKC CH Navio's I Love Lucy
OPTIGEN Certified B1
AKC CH Navio's Stormy Sea
OPTIGEN Certified A1

Resides with loving family Resides with loving family Resides with loving family
  Navio's Pirate's Treasure
  Resides with loving family  

Prospective Puppy Person Survey

{short description of image} requires a new prospective puppy person to fill out our "Prospective Puppy Person Survey" so we can better understand our customers and meet their PWD needs. If you would like to become a Navio Prospective Puppy Person and be considered for one of our puppies, please take a few minutes to complete the survey .

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