In Memoriam


September 5, 1991 - February 19, 2003

Sasha, our first PWD and the fountainhead of the Navio Line.  Always bouncy, eternally a puppy, and ever hungry.

She started as a compromise between a German Shepherd aficionado and a Poodle lover, big enough to not be a lap dog, but without all the shedding.  Then she turned into a show dog to support Patty's Hobby, then a mother, and finally the Navio Grand Dame and John's Pet.

She was completely devoted, totally loyal, and fiercely protective.




It was a chilly Saturday morning when Patty told me she wanted to take a ride to look at a dog.  As with most things, I was not thrilled about adding yet another pet to our menagerie of cats, birds, turtles, a dog, an iguana, and heaven knows what else that lurked within and around our house.  We had recently lost a considerable amount of money when our flock of breeding Macaws had been devastated by the avian flu that killed so many birds in Virginia and the surrounding states.  Patty, on the other hand, had always been interested in showing dogs, and saw the rare breed Portuguese Water Dog as a entry into that world.  I saw another mouth to feed.  So, reluctantly, I drove us to the breeder's home, and met Sasha.  That wasn't her name then, in fact, I don't remember if she had one, but that was the name we gave her when we brought her home.  Little did I know that this was the start of a journey that continues now and into the future.

Just like any other woman, she quickly learned how to get her way and become an integral member of the family.  She was always bright and bouncy, so, it wasn't that bad.  Then Patty revealed her plans. 

We'll champion her, then breed her and get our money back.  Another breeding program?  Saints preserve me!  So, we got her championed, got all of her medical tests, and chose the top PWD in the country as her "Husband".  Sasha proved to be a wonderful mother with her pups, with our son, and with our German Shepherd, Manitou.  She gave us three wonderful litters.  She gave us Riker.  She gave us Melinda.  But most of all, she gave us her unequivocal love.  After three litters, we felt that she had done her part for the Navio Line, and we spayed her, but just couldn't part with her.  Our son John wanted her for his own, and so it was.

For the rest of her life, she brought joy, and love, and order, and knowledge to us and the puppies we have raised.  Always there, always loving, always ready.  On that day, she went outside with the girls, after getting her special attention, came in first (she didn't like the outside as much as when she was younger), and got her treat.  That evening, as usual, she got her dinner and ate with a hardy appetite, then laid down to nap, and peacefully, God took her.

We'll meet again at the Rainbow Bridge






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