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is pleased to announce the birth of


  Yes,  's Gypsy  outsmarted everyone yet again to create a litter of five beautiful puppies.

The puppies were born October 20th and are doing quite well, but require a lot of TLC which Patty is providing!

First, I want to apologize.  We have been caught up with so many extraneous activities that I wasn't able to keep the updates coming like I normally do.  Regardless, the Puppies continue to grow so things have been working out pretty well! 

Boy! are the puppies getting BIG and feisty Not surprisingly, Porthos is eating everything in site while Anne is selective.  Take a look at the new pictures and see for yourself.

And now the exodus begins!  Our adventurers are beginning to leave the nest and join the loving families they were destine to be part of.  It is with both joy and sorrow we see them go, but we know they will find love and care in their new homes.  One remains now, we know he will be a great addition to someone's family!

See the Farewell Photos!

And ... KEEP WATCHING for updates!

The Loving Parents


Archer, Impetuous. Click for Pedigree.

The mother in the family.  Click for Pedigree.
CH Valkyrie Offshore at Navio, AKC "Archer"
(Proud Papa)
CH Navio's Gypsy Magic
(Overworked Mom)
Athos; Male Curly

Porthos; Male Curly

Aramis; Male Wavy

Anne of Austria; Female Whorly


Constance Bonacieux; Female Curly

  The Before
The Litter
The Pedigree
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