In Memoriam


May 17, 1997 - June 23, 2004

Gidget, click for petigree.

Gidget, like her namesake, a bouncy, happy puppy who grew into a regal grand dame.

She was always happy and active.  She championed in a short time then returned to become a mainstay in our line.  When Sasha passed, she assumed the leadership of the tribe and always kept everyone in line.  She was a loving and protective mother who would watch everything to make sure things were right.

She was completely devoted, totally loyal, and fiercely protective.




Gidget was born into a breeding line and showed all of the characteristics of a champion so we kept her.

Just like any other woman, she quickly learned how to get her way and become an integral member of the family.  She was always bright and bouncy, and very obedient.  She was always a joy to be around and everyone just couldn't help but love her  

She was a worker and mother who always carried her responsibilities with grace and dignity.

For the rest of her life, she brought joy, and love, and order, and knowledge to us and the puppies we have raised.  Always there, always loving, always ready.  She gave us 4 beautiful litters, and never showed the slightest sign of a problem.  She took care of her last litter as before; caring, loving, watchful, and attentive.  It was almost like she saw this last litter as her last challenge and she met it as she always had.  We had planned to spay her and let her live out her life as our pet, but God needed another wonderful portie, and when she had finished her job with the last litter, she went to sleep and God took her.

We'll meet again at the Rainbow Bridge






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