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As careful as we are with our puppy placement here at there are times when we must place a puppy in a second home. When this becomes necessary, this is the contract we use as part of the second placement of the dog.


Between Owner(s): ________________________________
SSN/Driver's License: ________________________________
Telephone #:_________________________________


Breeder: Patricia A. Cazenave, NAVIO-PWD.
901 Ricka Court, Chesapeake Virginia, 23322-3724 [(757) 482-4781]

The Owner(s) of a Portuguese Water Dog hereafter identified as "the dog" and further described as follows:
Call name: __________ AKC Registered name of the dog: __________

AKC Litter Registered #: ____________
Date of Birth: ______________
Sex:________ Coat type: _______
Color and Markings:________________________________________
 Name of Sire:_____________________________________________
Name of Dam:_____________________________________________

The owner(s),_________________________, hereafter identified as "the owner(s)", have agreed to return the dog to the breeder, Patricia A. Cazenave, hereafter identified as "the breeder", for placement into a new home. The owner(s) have agreed to relinquish all rights and to transfer full and sole ownership of the dog to the breeder effective ___________. The owner(s) have agreed that the AKC Registration will be transferred to the breeder and the breeder at the time of placement into a new home has full rights to transfer AKC ownership to the new owner(s). The owner(s) understand and agree that the breeder will then attempt to place or resale the dog to new owner(s). The owner(s) understand any moneys paid for the dog at the time of placement will be returned to them less any expenses such as Veterinarian, advertising and upkeep. It is further understood that the amount if any asked for the dog from perspective new owner(s) is at the breeder's discretion. It is agreed that the breeder will notify the owner(s) of the date the dog is placed into a new home. It is understood that if any moneys are paid for the dog, the breeder will retain that amount for thirty days from the date of placement into a new home. That only should the new owner(s) retain the dog would the moneys then be transferred to the owner(s). The new owner(s) will be given a thirty-day trial period or given the right to return the dog for a full refund of any moneys paid should the placement not work out and the dog is returned within the thirty-day trial period.

The breeder is bound by this agreement to the original owner(s) only. The State Of Virginia will be state of record for any legal proceeding in reference to this Contract by either the breeder or the owner(s).

This agreement is made for the mutual benefit and protection of the owner(s), the breeder, and the dog.

Signed in duplicate.

Consented and agreed to:

owner: __________________________ owner: _____________________________
Witness: __________________________

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